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Nov 6, 2018

On today's episode of Heart Lessons, recording artist Nichole Nordeman shares how she learned greater dependency on Jesus through the difficulty of a broken marriage. She shares how the pain of her divorce caused her to become more real with others, and develop a more authentic relationship with Jesus. Plus we talk about a line from her album, Every Mile Mattered, that reads, "And you cannot imagine all the places you'll see Jesus, but you'll find Him everywhere you thought He wasn't supposed to go." 


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Nov 2, 2018

"If you want to know all of my deepest, darkest secrets, listen to this episode." -Hayley Morgan

Snickers+Diet Coke = breakfast, the value of the instant pot, and Hayley's longterm vision for women in the church.

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We Mention:

Always Enough, Never Too Much

Wild and Free

Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker


Instant Pot

Emily Henderson

Elon Musk

Happier by Marshmello

Baby Shark



Nellie Taft



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Episode 46 // Always Enough, Never Too Much with Hayley Morgan

Scriptures Mentioned:

Romans 12:2

Psalm 107:2

Ephesians 2:10

Advice to her younger self:Chill out. Relax. You have plenty of time.

Quote It:

There is no shame in the continual renewing of your mind.

We only benefit from a diverse view, when we can love and learn from the fulness of the human experience.

Where Hayley's heart is landing:Thinking about women in the church and what being a woman looks like under the umbrella of the Lord.



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Oct 30, 2018

Today's episode is the audio version of the FB Live: Ask Us Anything video I did with Holly Colonna and Kristin Hernandez of Through The Lens Podcast. We take the time to answer listener submitted questions regarding pregnancy and infant loss. We hope your heart feels heard <3

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Oct 23, 2018

Today's episode features Beautiful&Beloved founder, Amber Newberry. Amber opens up her heart and shares her story of infant loss through abortion, and how Jesus met her and redeemed and restored her. Amber's story is special and sacred and a perfect picture of God's matchless grace. My prayer is that this episode will open your heart to empathy, love, and compassion for post-abortive women so that they can know the truth of the Healer of all things.

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Heart Lesson: There is no healing without God.

Link to Facebook Live Video here

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Oct 16, 2018

Today's conversation features Deb Dougherty, the Perinatal Bereavement RN for the hospital system here in our local area. Today Deb shares her story of losing her precious baby boy, how she serves bereaved mothers, how to distinguish between depression and grief, and shares ideas for keeping your baby's memory alive. So thankful for women like Deb who compassionately serve the infant loss community.

Heart Lesson: God is always there, and there is a reason why things happen. Stay close to Him so that you know what He wants in your life.

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Oct 9, 2018

Today's episode features Kristin Hernandez, co-host of Through The Lens Podcast. Today Kristin shares her stories of infant loss and multiple miscarriages. Her honesty and vulnerability in this episode are deeply encouraging for any of us who have had to wrestle with the Lord with the hardest questions of life.

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Heart Lesson:

Rest in God's sufficiency. He gives us manna for every day, our daily bread.

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Oct 3, 2018

Today's episode features author, speaker, and loss mama Adriel Booker. Adriel shares her story of multiple miscarriages, encourages loss mothers that it is ok to grieve on a wide spectrum of emotions, and advocates to the world for how to tenderly care for bereaved mothers. She also challenges us to allow the Lord to remake our pain into something beautiful.

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Connect with Adriel: website // instagram // twitter // facebook  // Our Scarlett Stories

Heart Lesson: Enter into God's rest and presence, and quiet my mind and heart enough to hear His voice.

What Adriel wants the world to be aware of regarding pregnancy and infant loss:

  1. Miscarriage is not only a women's issue. It is a human issue and a family issue.
  2. We need to share our stories.

We Mention:

Journal Prompts for writing your baby's story

Centering Prayer App

Scriptures Mentioned: 

2 Corinthians 12:10

Romans 8:28

Takeaway Truths:

Pregnancy loss can be such an intangible form of grief, especially for people who aren't experiencing it themselves.

The human heart itself will grieve differently from instance to instance and from circumstance to circumstance.

Love is never safe, it is always risky, and that's hard for our mama hearts.

When you lose a baby you aren't just losing that little one, but you're losing the life you had begun to imagine.

After a mother loses a third baby, what else is there to say?

There is just no one right way to grieve. We're all going to respond differently, even as we find the common threads in the midst of it.

God is not intimidated by our big questions. He is not put off by our humanity. It is our heart posture makes all the difference. Our heart posture should say, "I need you to meet me here and help me understand."

I think the big questions keep us tethered to God because we can't find the answer to those questions without some level of withness with Jesus.

Especially as believers we should absolutely be able to rejoice with people then they're celebrating, but we should also walk alongside them when they're suffering.

What would you do for a new mom, and what would you do for someone grieving a death? It's that complicated and that simple.

Your grief might undo you, but it can also remake you if you are willing to let Christ work with you to make something beautiful happen.

What does it mean to pull heaven to earth right now?

When we tell our stories it gives others a sense of permission to share theirs too.

Other wonderful books for bereaved mothers:

I Will Carry You, by Angie Smith

Grieving the Child I Never Knew, by Kathe Wunnenberg

Holding Onto Hope, by Nancy Guthrie

Just Keep Breathing, by Jordan Tate

The Jesus of My Grief, by Kate Kelty


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Sep 25, 2018

On today's episode of the Heart Lessons Podcast I have the privilege of chatting with Deidra Riggs. Deidra is an author and speaker passionate about showing God's love to the world. Today we talk about what it means to love outside of our comfort zones and how sometimes we have to push aside our own personal comforts in order to pursue real, authentic relationships with others. The world will know our God by our love.

Connect with Deidra: website // instagram // twitter // facebook // books

Purchase One: Unity in a Divided World

Purchase Every Little Thing: Making A World of Difference Right Where You Are

Heart Lesson: Make the transition a pose.

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Sep 18, 2018

Today's episode features Bethany and Kristen of Girl Defined Ministries. Their passion is to help young women learn how scripture defines things like identity, relationships, beauty, etc. so that they can approach these topics in a way that pleases the Lord. Today we talk about pursuing godly relationships and being content in waiting. We also tackle questions like can we really be "just friends" with guys, and do Christian girls have to date only other Christian guys. Loved chatting with these lovely ladies.

Connect with Girl Defined: blog // instagram // youtube // facebook // twitter

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Heart Lessons:

Bethany: Instead of worrying about the business of a season, enjoy each day and each moment.

Kristen: Trust that God is good.

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Sep 11, 2018

In today's episode of the Heart Lessons Podcast, I chat with Lindsey Goff Viducich. Lindsey is a teacher with a passion for showing kids how to love the world well. Today we talk about why kids should show love to the world and how to follow their lead in loving others. Lindsey shares some inspirational stories from her own childhood, as well as her life in the classroom, to sufficiently inspire us to empower our kids to love the world well.

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Find out more about starting a relationship with Jesus

Heart Lesson: Following Jesus means reflecting His upside-down culture, the Kingdom of God.

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Sep 4, 2018

For the month of September, our heart focus here on the podcast will be: living with and loving others well. Kicking off this series is my interview with Beth McCord. Today we chat about the Enneagram personality typing system, what it is, how we can use it to better understand ourselves and others, and how the Gospel redeems even the most challenging aspects of our personalities. My hope for this episode is that it will grow inside each one of us a greater compassion, understanding, and appreciation for how all the nine types relate to the world. 

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Aug 14, 2018

Today's episode of the Heart Lessons Podcast features author, speaker, podcaster, and radio show host, Autumn Miles. Passionate about bold truth and raw faith, she shares her testimony of abuse, and how the Lord has redeemed her story of domestic violence. Her story is full of God's love and His beautiful redemption.

Connect with Autumn: website // facebook // instagram // twitter // books // youtube

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Heart Lesson: God is for us even when we are not for ourselves.

Aug 8, 2018

Today's episode of the Heart Lessons Podcast features my son, Micah, as he shares his heart and his experience in losing two infant siblings. He answers some of your questions and offers some sweet and encouraging words to other kids who may have lost siblings as well.

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Jul 31, 2018

Such an honor to speak to Kathleen Fucci Ministries - Grief Resources for Kids and learn more about her wonderful ministry to help children process their grief.

There was so much truth in this episode about God, who He is despite our suffering, and the realities of Heaven. A great listen for anyone who has lost a loved one and needs the hope Jesus provides.

Connect with Kathleen: website // blog // books // instagram // facebook // twitter

Heart Lesson: Look up, look up, look up.

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Jul 24, 2018

Today's guest on the Heart Lessons Podcast is children's author, Amy Parker. Today we chat about Amy's books and her heart in developing great resources for Christian parents. We also talk about the importance of grace in parenting and grace in life and how, if we serve well where we are, we are reaching the very souls God intends for us to reach with His truth.

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Jul 17, 2018

Today's episode of the Heart Lessons Podcast features Grace Valentine, a young woman with a heart for Jesus and a passion for helping other young women find their identity and sufficiency in Christ. Today we are celebrating the launch of Grace's first book, Am I Enough: Embracing the Truth About Who You Are.

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Jul 10, 2018

In today's episode of the Heart Lessons Podcast, I chat with Cara Whitney, wife of Dan Whitney (aka Larry the Cable Guy). Cara shares her testimony of coming to trust Christ as her personal Savior and how caring for her horses gave her a unique glimpse into the heart of God. We also talk about how Christians can better support those who are just beginning to pursue a relationship with Christ and the importance of loving and disciplining those new to the Christian faith.

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Heart Lesson: Have I done enough to tell my kids about Jesus?

We Mention:

Larry the Cable Guy

Richard Dawkins

theology of baptism

secular (definition)

evangelism (definition)

Hashimoto's disease

Greg Laurie

David Jeremiah

Back to the Bible

Turning Point Ministries

prey animal

Dan Whitney's testimony at LU

Beth Moore Esther study

Go Tandem (discipleship app)

Franklin Graham ministries

David Platt

Scriptures Mentioned:

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Luke 23:34

James 2:19

1 Peter 5:7

John 12

Luke 22:54-62

Job's friends

Proverbs 27:17

1 Peter 4:8

Takeaway Truths: 

How Christians behave has no bearing on whether or not the resurrection happened.

We can cast our cares on the Lord because He is in control.

God gives us the choice to love Him by giving us a choice not to love Him.

Christians are quick to judge but not to give you the good news.

God designed my life this way and it is the best way.

You can not expect lonely and hurting people to walk into church, but Jesus made house calls. He rarely said, "I love you," but showed it in action.

Get to know a new believer and tailor your discipleship to their specific needs.

The group that needs to be louder is the group that loves.

Allow yourself time to get to know Jesus after coming to faith.

Jul 3, 2018

On today's episode, I chat with Tracey Murtha, wife of the late Greg Murtha. We chat about what Greg's cancer journey was like from her perspective and some of the challenges of living without her beloved husband, but mostly we talk about how Greg's cancer diagnosis opened the Murtha's eyes to the needs of the people around them, and how Tracey continues to live with this same love and compassion for reaching others.

Connect with Tracey: website // Out of the Blue book

Heart Lesson: There are only two things that will last into eternity - the word of God and the souls of men.

We Mention:

Out of the Blue: The Unexpected Adventure of Life Interrupted

Kanakuk Christian Camp

The Broken Way (book)

The Heart Lessons Podcast Episode 23 with Becky McCoy

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey #166 with Kathie Lee Gifford

The Glorious in the Mundane Podcast Episode #19 with Ann Voskamp

Scriptures Mentioned:

James 4:6

1 Corinthians 12:27

Isaiah 61:3

Takeaway Truths:

More is caught than taught.

Our greatest area of service often springs from our greatest pain.

Obey the Lord. We don't have to fix the other person, we just have to do the small thing and He will do the rest.

Choose joy in the moment because you won't get that moment back.

Cling to the hope of Jesus because He's got you. He didn't bring you this far to abandon you.

Live in the present and the Holy Spirit will prompt you to serve whoever is in front of you.

Only two things will last into eternity: the word of God and the souls of men. That is where we need to invest our time.

Greg was not fearful of taking his last breath. He was all about making the breath before that one count.

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Jun 26, 2018

This episode of the Heart Lessons Podcast features actor, producer, and author Candace Cameron Bure. We chat about her newest book, Kind is the New Classy, and why kindness is so important. We also talk strategies for how to be kind when you don't feel like it, and why Christians sometimes have a hard time displaying kindness to those who hold viewpoints that are different from their own.

More information on pursuing a personal relationship with Christ

Connect with Candace: instagram // facebook // twitter // books // website

Purchase Kind is the New Classy

Heart Lesson: Push into the Lord even more.

We Mention:

Full House

Fuller House

Dancing with the Stars Season 18

Candace's Hallmark Movies

Kind is the New Classy

The Heart Lessons Podcast: Heavenly Minded Motherhood with Katie Bennett

Kirk Cameron

Scriptures Mentioned:

Galatians 5:22-23 (fruits of the Spirit)

Philippians 4:13

Takeaway Truths:

I believe we can bring kindness back and change the culture. But it all starts with you and it starts with me - it starts with one person at a time.

You have to work at kindness and build it like a muscle and form new habits for yourself.

Kindness can still be bold it's just staying respectful in your character and treating the other person with dignity.

What will people say about Jesus because of me?

I trust God and I know that He has my back. I trust that He will give me the words or disposition I need in that moment.

Jesus's kindness was never conditional. He recognized the image of God in everyone and treated everyone with that appropriate level of kindness.

Kindness is love in action. It is something you do. Love is also a verb, but it can have emotions attached. I don't have to have an emotional feeling toward someone to be kind to them.

Steps to Choosing Kindness:

  1. Take a breath
  2. Take a beat
  3. Put yourself in the other person's shoes and consider them
  4. Go to God in prayer
  5. Ask for what you want.
Jun 12, 2018

On this final part of the Father's Day series here on the Heart Lessons Podcast, Nigel Anderson shares his perspective on fatherhood, approaching racial issues with grace, and how we can all be unified under the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a very sensitive but very important topic, and I am so thankful for Nigel's willingness to share his heart and his wisdom and speak into these issues with such a spirit of grace. May you receive it with just as much love and grace.

Connect with Nigel: website // youtube // Expect Renaissance (nonprofit) // instagram // facebook // SoundCloud

Purchase the Safe House Album

Heart Lesson: Never stop trusting.

Find complete show notes at

We Mention:

Safe House Music video

Better Days video

Philando Castile and Tamir Rice shootings

Come Thou Fount hymn (Prone to Wander)

Imago Dei

Ravi Zacharius

Grace Bible Church

The Mother's Day Series Part II: Mothering a Transracial Family with Lauren Casper

Scriptures Mentioned:

Romans 12:2

Matthew 5:13-16

Mark 6:34

Revelation 7:9

Takeaway Truths:

Running from who you don't want to be isn't enough to keep you on the right path.

If we are not intentional about keeping Christ at the center of everything we will find something to put there.

If you're a Christian you should care about everything because of the Imago Dei and if not, you should fight to view all of it as important.

We need to get out of the identity of our camps and figure out what the meaning of a real Christian is.

The intentionality of the gospel is the restoration of a relationship that was eternally severed.

Everyone's perspective is valid and it is, by definition, incomplete.

The solution is knowing people.

A prayer before confronting another's perspective: In this moment, Lord, give me grace to listen and wisdom to know if I should say something and if so, what that something should be.

We are all different and that is fine. It is beautiful.

We should elevate the gospel above all else.

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The Way (song)

My Role in Racial Reconciliation (blog post)

Jun 12, 2018

In this second part of the Father's Day series here on the Heart Lessons podcast, Chris Tate shares his heart and his journey with infant loss. He shares the story of his two beautiful baby girls, Ellie and Elsie, and speaks openly about what it is like to be a loss father, to support your wife in grief, and how to trust the Lord even in the midst of such tragedy.

Connect with Chris: instagram // blog

Heart Lesson: Love God with all your heart and love people.

Find complete show notes at

We Mention:

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Myers Briggs Type Index (personality test)

Enneagram (personality test)

Choose Joy Conference

Scriptures Mentioned:

The story of Eli and Samuel (Did you call me ...?)

Story of Mary and Martha

Related Material:

The Heart Lessons Podcast Episode 11: It Is Well with Josh Rieke

The Heart Lessons Podcast Episode 7: If You Let It with Jordan Tate

Jordan's Blog

Dear Loss Mama . . . It's Okay If You And Your Husband Are Processing Things Differently (blog post)

Takeaway Truths:

God is for us and not against us and that knowledge allowed me to trust Him completely.

Stay the course and be there for your wife even if you aren't receiving instant feedback in that moment.

Spend more time together even if that means embracing the pain.

There isn't one way to grieve correctly. It is an individual process for everyone.

Advice to another infant loss father: Spend time with your spouse and continue to love her in the best way you know how because it gives you strength to move through it all together.

Jun 12, 2018

In Part I of the Father's Day Series here on the Heart Lessons Podcast, Jerrad Lopes from Dad Tired shares what it means for a husband and father to lead his family well, and to look to the perfect Father as the prime example of leadership and service to his family.

Connect with Jerrad: blog // podcast // book // facebook // twitter // instagram

Heart Lesson: Recognizing that God is a person with his own personality, thoughts, patterns, and preferences.

Click here for complete show notes

We Mention:

Dad Tired Podcast

3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage and Parenting (podcast episode)

Stop Behaving Devotional

Jesus Storybook Bible

Love and Respect (book)

Dad Tired Conference

Scriptures Mentioned:

Proverbs 4:23

1 Corinthians 13:1

Luke 11:39

1 John 1:9

Related Material:

The Heart Lessons Podcast Episode 14 (on foster care)

Ginger Hubbard

Shepherding A Child's Heart

The Power of a Praying Wife

Marriage is a Mirror, Parenting is a Magnifying Glass (blog post)

Takeaway Truths:

Three steps to leading your family well:

  1. Humbly admit that you can't lead your family well
  2. Point your wife and kids to Jesus on a consistent basis
  3. Have integrity and follow hard after God

Behavior is always a manifestation of what is going on in the heart.

You don't need a bunch of rules to follow, you need Jesus to change your heart.

We will have three titles that extend beyond the grave: disciple, husband, and father. What do you spend your time on that does not make sense for the kingdom of God?

Take initiative and stumble your way through spiritual leadership.

The good news of the gospel is that you don't have to be the perfect daddy because you can point your kids back to the perfect daddy.

How can a wife help her husband lead well:

  1. Create an atmosphere of humble confession
  2. Pray for him often
  3. Affirm him in his heart question that he is valuable and has what it takes.

I love you simply because you are my child just as God does not love me based on what I accomplish but simply his heart toward me.

May 29, 2018

Christine Caine, author, speaker, and founder of Propel Women and the A21 Campaign, talks about what it means to live a faith-filled life in the midst of unexpected and often unwelcome circumstances.

Connect with Christine: website // instagram // facebook // twitter

Purchase Unexpected (Christine's latest book)

Click here for complete show notes

Heart Lesson: He who promised is faithful. His mercies and grace are new every morning.

Scriptures Mentioned:

Psalm 119:68

Luke 17:7-19

Romans 11:36

Isaiah 55:9

Psalm 23:4

John 10:10

John 16:33

Psalm 56:8

Luke 22:42

Hebrews 11:3

We Mention:

Beth Moore

Let It Go

Shake It Off

Takeaway Truths:

Jesus shamed shame on the cross.

To have been broken for so long and then to find healing in Christ, that is the message of the gospel.

We want to be delivered from our trouble but most often Jesus will take us through it.

What is abundant life in the midst of heartache and sorrow?  That is the faith-filled life.

If I can have hope then maybe what I went through can help give someone else hope for one more day.

It is not sin to not want to go through something. The sin would be to stop there.

Allow your pain to make you better and not bitter.

Allow pain to make you better:

  1. Surround yourself with a good church family
  2. Be in God's word
  3. Listen to worship music
  4. Protect your heart (i.e. be careful what books, movies, etc. you allow in)
  5. Let go of what you don't understand

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May 22, 2018

In this episode, I share the part of my story where I was most angry at God. You might be surprised to hear that it was not when my unborn babies were diagnosed or in the grieving months that followed my losses but rather, a time when I felt like God owed something to me.

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The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey #189

Tova Sido

find complete show notes at

Scriptures Referenced:

Romans 3:11-18

Romans 3:23

Acts 17:25

Romans 11:36

Ephesians 2:8

Romans 12:1-2

Takeaway Truths:

Through Jesus, I, a sinner, am made righteous before the Father. He traded the death and eternal punishment I deserved for eternal life.

God owed me nothing but gave me everything.

I had forgotten that God owed nothing to me and that even the breath in my lungs belonged to Him.

I am to live my life in sacrificial surrender to the Lord because of what He has done for me. As soon as I forget that, I begin to feel entitled to certain things in life.

I had been clinging to the desire for a healthy baby so tightly, probably throwing a spiritual tantrum. But before the Lord could bless me in that way, I needed to calm my heart and remember my place as a living sacrifice and be at peace with God's good and pleasing and perfect will, even if that meant no more babies.

This is not a formula for getting what you want but rather, a reminder to surrender to the Lord's will because He owed us nothing and yet gave us everything, which is far beyond what any of us deserve.

May 11, 2018

Sophie Hudson, aka Boo Mama, shares what it is like to mother a teenager. From what she tells me, it's actually pretty fantastic.

Connect with Sophie: blog // facebook // instagram // twitter // books

Heart Lesson: My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus's blood and righteousness.

We Mention: 

Big Boo Cast

Melanie Shankle

Sophie's Books

Takeaway Truths:

The Lord is sweet in that just as He grows them up, He grows us too.

I want to enjoy the stage I'm in and not dread when it's going to end.

Where am I parenting out of fear? Because in the end, it's not healthy for either one of us.

Kids freak out about what we freak out about.

The sweetness of life is that it is a gift at every stage and these kids are a gift at every age and golly, it's so fun to get to be a part of it.

Conversations on sex and conversations on friendship need to be ongoing, not just one time.

Survival Kit for Parenting Teens:

  1. Bible
  2. Cash
  3. A healthy community
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